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Where are you based?

We are based in Tampa, Florida and Toronto, Canada. In any given year, our creative journeys take us across the United States, Canada, and beyond.


How large is your team?

We have multiple teams that can take care of any size of events simultaneously and across various cities in North America and beyond. A single team can range between 2-3 members collaborating to tell your story.


Do you do your own editing?

Yes. We do all our photo and video editing in-house to ensure quality and consistency. We do not, and will not, outsource your editing. 



Do you use presets?

We do not use any presets. We strongly believe in editing each photo independently as each moment captured should truly reflect the individuality of the narrative, lighting, and character. Your wedding will never be a preset, so why should your photos be one?


How many photos do I get?

Typical wedding reels range between 600-1200 fully edited images, depending on the hours of coverage. 



Are you able to cover multiple/concurrent events? 

Yes, we are well-versed in multi-event projects. Our expert team can easily navigate any schedule without compromise. 


If my events run late, is there a charge?

We stay in constant communication with the planner/coordinator through the event and actively work with them to avoid any potential delays. In the rare case an event runs late, a listed hourly rate would be applicable. 


Do you travel? 

Yes! Our commissions have taken us to several continents and over two dozen countries around the globe.


Can I include a destination concept shoot?

Yes! Let’s capture your love at your dream location. Let us craft your destination shoot or join us on one of our many adventures! Please check out our engagements portfolio to explore some of the magical locations we have been fortunate enough to photograph.



How important are family portraits? 

Family is everything. Taking time to honour and respect their presence in portraiture is a pleasure for us. We always work with your planning team to ensure that there is sufficient time to properly capture and style the team.


Do you capture wedding details?

Yes. If the schedule permits we aim to capture your wedding outfit, jewellery, invitations and rings with our signature sophisticated styling. 


How do you describe your style? 

Timeless, elegant, and clean. For us, weddings are novels and each picture is a page in your story. 


Do we meet with you before the wedding? 

We do not capture any event without a comprehensive review of the itinerary with our clients. We create a production plan immediately after our meeting or call that enables us to seamlessly capture the photo journalistic and creative narrative of the day. We suggest doing this a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the start of events. 


Do you select the locations for creative shoots? 

Yes, and we are always open to suggestions and recommendations. We take great efforts to locate optimal shoot locations to match your style/vision and itinerary for the day.


How quickly do I get my photos/video? 

Photo reels are digitally delivered within 1 month for most weddings. Videos are delivered within 3-4 months. 


Is it possible to get my full photo reel or video faster?

Our in-house team of dedicated photo and video editors can make it happen. An expedited editing rate applies. 



Do we get sneak peaks?

We take great pride in delivering full comprehensive storytelling reels. We assure you that a small taste is never enough… however, if commissioned sneak peaks can be provided. 



Who pays for the travel?

Events outside of the Tampa and Toronto regions will incur an expense fee. The client is generally responsible for the flights, lodging, local transportation and the daily food expenses.



Do you capture candid images?

Yes, our comprehensive reels include candid images. 


How far in advance do I need to book your services?

Availability in the post-COVID-19 world is the biggest variable, so we would suggest as soon as possible. Prime dates (weekends, holidays, etc.) fill up 12-16 months in advance. 

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